AO Smith BTR-200Commercial Gas Water Heater 199,000 BTU

AO Smith BTR-200Commercial Gas Water Heater 199,000 BTU

A.O. Smith Cyclone Mxi BTH-199 - 305 Gal. First Hour Delivery - 97% Eff. - Natural Gas Water Heater - Direct Vent

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A.O. Smith has led the way in innovative hot water solutions for nearly 80 years. The Cyclone Mxi is a highly efficient commercial water heater that has a rated thermal efficiency of 97% due to the modulating burner. Built with reliable components, the Cyclone Mxi provides you with years of hot water with minimal service needed. With its 100 gallon tank and easy to read display, the BTH-199 is ready to fulfill all of your hot water needs. Product Features Helical Coil Heat Exchanger The Cyclone Mxi line features a spiral heat exchanger that is positioned in the center of the unit for uniform heat distribution. It also allows the combustion gases to stay in the tank longer, lengthening the heat cycle and providing higher efficiency. PermaGlas® Ultra Coat™ The tank has been coated using an industry exclusive glassing process where the coating is applied as a liquid and then mechanically rotated to ensure an even coat that provides protection against corrosion. Fully Modulating Combustion Modulating the burner results in higher operating efficiencies and longer service life by adjusting the firing rate as the demand changes. Powered Anodes All Cyclone Mxi models come with a titanium powered anode. A Powered anode works in all water conditions and never need replacing. It eliminates the possibility of odors usually related to standard anodes. User-Friendly Electronic Interface The intelligent control system, with easy to navigate menu, provides precise temperature control and unit operating information. Venting Versatility The Cyclone MXI line can be vented vertically or through a side wall. They can also have separate venting for the intake and exhuast or by using a concentric venting assembly. iComm™ Compatible These heaters are compatible with the iCOMM™ module, allowing them to be monitored remotely.
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Gas Type Natural Gas
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