Aprilaire 16" H x 27" W - Replacement Media Filter - 10 MERV

Aprilaire AA401 Replacement Media Filter
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Aprilaire AA401- Replacement Media Filter

The Aprilaire 401 replacement collapsible air filter media is self-spacing and sealing for the best possible air purification for the removal of dust, pollen, and virus sized particles that can make you sick inside your home. The Aprilaire 401 features a high efficiency filter media to capture airborne pollutants in the 0.3 to 1 micron range. This powerful filter captures pollen and mold spores (up to 90%), dust (up to 90%), fungi, pet dander and other airborne allergens often found in household air before they can be inhaled. When these small particles enter the body they can irritate sinuses that can lead to headaches, trouble breathing, or even trigger asthma related symptoms. The Aprilaire 401 helps keep household air cleaner longer, is designed to prevent air gaps that can lead to poor air filtration, and the filter require no maintenance until it is time to replace. Aprilaire 401 Filter Media Replacement Specifications: Part Number: 401 Filter Media: Pleated; Collapsible, Expandable Filter Life: 6-12 months OEM Part: Yes Collapsible media with self spacing pleats Installs in seconds. SelfSeal technology Does not require pleat spacers Replace filter as recommend for optimal performance
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