Mitsubishi MFZ-KJ12NA-U1 Indoor Floor Mounted Air Handler

Mitsubishi MFZ-KJ12NA highlights

  • 12,000 BTU
  • Floor Mounted
  • Minimum operating Temperature -13F
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Mitsubishi MFZ-KJ12NA 12,000 BTU Floor Mount Air Handler

Product Features

H2i Technology
Low or negative ambient temperatures don't bother the MZ-KJ12NA. It is rated for 100% heating capacity at 5 degrees F and continues to provide heating in outdoor conditions as low as -13 F.

Smart Set
Mitsubishi's Smart Set function allows you to save a cooling profile and a heating profile, each consisting of a temperature, a fan speed, and an airflow direction. These profiles can be activated easily with a press of the Smart Set button on the remote.

Econo Cool Mode
By slowly adjusting the cooling set point and swinging the horizontal vanes, the MFZ-KJ can improve the efficiency of cooling operations without compromising the comfort provided.

Powerful Mode
The powerful setting on the MFZ-KJ makes it easy to get your zone to the perfect temperature quickly. When it is activated, the unit temporarily increases refrigerant flow and fan speed to provide quick comfort through rapid heating or cooling.

Multiple Vane Control Options
Auto mode selects the best vane position based on operating mode, and the swing modes cycle through all positions for maximum coverage.

FLOW Operation
When 2 FLOW is selected the unit will blow air from the top and front of the unit. When 1 FLOW is selected, air only blows from the top of the unit.

When the indoor unit is run in dry mode it will remove unwanted moisture. This improves your comfort and reduces the chance of mold growth and other property damage in the room.

Blue Fin Condenser
Condensers are constantly exposed to wind, dust and salty air that take their toll on your unit. Mitsubishi coats their condensers with an anti-rust coating to extend its lifespan.

Mitsubishi's hot start technology prevents cold drafts by delaying fan operation until the heat exchanger has warmed up.

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Short Description

Mitsubishi MFZ-KJ12NA highlights

  • 12,000 BTU
  • Floor Mounted
  • Minimum operating Temperature -13F
Product Specs
  • Manufacturer

  • Mounting Location
    Floor Mount

  • Model

  • Installation Location

  • Built In Wifi

  • Nominal Capacity
    12000 BTU

  • Hyper Heat

  • Remote Control

  • Operating Mode
    Cooling + Heating

  • Liquid Connection Size (Inches)

  • Suction Connection Size

  • Minimum Sound Level (dB)

  • Maximum Sound Level (dB)

  • ETL Listed

  • Phase
    1 Phase

  • Width

  • Height

  • Depth

  • Frequency (Hz)

  • Voltage

  • Parts Warranty
    5 Years

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