Goodman Air Conditioner  DSZC160361

Goodman Air Conditioner DSZC160361

Goodman Heat Pump GSZ140421

Goodman Heat Pump GSZ140421

Goodman Air Conditioner DSZC180361

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Goodman Air Conditioner DSZC180361

Goodman established itself as the largest HVAC manufacturer in the US by producing high-quality, efficient equipment and providing it to homeowners at a great value. The DSZC18 heat pump is an incredibly efficient heating and cooling solution. With a nominal SEER rating of 18 and a minimum HSPF of 9, you can count on low energy usage regardless of the application. The savings don't stop at energy costs though; the DSZC18's design reduces installation and service times. It features a two-stage compressor to ensure steady comfort and includes advanced components that protect the coil and compressor for peace of mind and reliable operations. Become a heat pump household today, and enjoy efficient comfort from a single piece of equipment through all four seasons. Product Features Quiet Comfort Goodman takes great pride in providing comfort that doesn't disrupt your home. The wire fan discharge grille and condenser fan motor of the DSZC18 were designed to reduce noise levels without compromising performance. This model also has a high-capacity discharge muffler and a high-density foam sound blanket, which curtail vibrational and compressor noise, respectively. Filter Drier A biflow filter drier is installed in the liquid line of this heat pump. It serves two important purposes: removing moisture and trapping impurities. This prevents corrosion, freezing, and blockages that can negatively impact the operation of the heat pump. Secure Cabinet The cabinet of the DSZC18 is built to last. Galvanized steel construction, a durable powder paint finish, rust-resistant screws, and a steel coil guard protect your equipment from wear and tear, increasing its longevity. SmartShift Goodman's SmartShift technology, combined with ambient and coil temperature sensors, gives this unit a quiet and effective defrost system. SmartShift also helps to prevent short-cycling, increasing the efficiency of defrost operations. UltraTech Compressor A two-stage Copeland UltraTech scroll compressor provides the DSZC18 with incredibly reliable refrigerant flow. The second stage increases efficiency by allowing the compressor to operate at a lower capacity when your demand is low. Compressor Protection Goodman installed two layers of compressor protection in the DSZC18. A suction accumulator collects excess liquid refrigerant, preventing it from flooding and damaging the compressor during operation. A crankcase heater ensures that the compressor stays well-oiled by maintaining a compressor temperature that discourages oil migration. ComfortAlert The included ComfortAlert compressor diagnostics module reduces the average time of maintenance calls and virtually eliminates misdiagnoses by experienced technicians, saving you money throughout the life of the heat pump. ComfortNet Compatible This heat pump is compatible with Goodman's ComfortNet communicating controls. A ComfortNet control streamlines the installation and maintenance processes further by automatically detecting your equipment and providing diagnostics and troubleshooting.
Product Specs
  • Communicating?

  • SEER2
    18 SEER

  • Refrigerant Type

  • Cooling Capacity (tons)

  • Liquid Connection Size (Inches)

  • Suction Connection Size

  • Modulating/Staging

  • Voltage

  • Phase
    1 Phase

  • Circuit Amps

  • Fuse Size

  • Depth
    35 1/2"

  • Height
    38 1/4"

  • Width
    35 1/2"