Williamson FreeStyle FS-80 Heat Only Boiler

Williamson FreeStyle FS-80 Heat Only Boiler

Williamson FreeStyle FS-155 Heat Only Boiler

Williamson FreeStyle FS-155 Heat Only Boiler

Williamson FreeStyle FS-120 Heat Only Boiler

Williamson FreeStyle FS-120

  • Modulating
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exhanger
  • Digital Display
  • Quiet Operation
  • Low NOx
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Williamson FreeStyle FS-120 Heat Only Boiler

Keep your home warm and heating costs low with the Williamson-Thermoflo Freestyle boiler. The Freestyle FS-120 boasts an impressive 92.2% AFUE efficiency rating, making it one of the most efficient boilers on the residential market. Easy to install and even simpler to maintain, the Freestyle boiler comes with a wall mount allowing it to fit into almost any space with its compact design. A crystal clear digital display allows for easy access to important information as well as the ability to quickly and easily adjust any of the boilers settings. The FS-120 comes standard with multiple features designed to keep energy costs down. From its advanced condensing technology to its modulating combustion system, the FS-80 will run reliably while saving you money. The Freestyle series runs standard on natural gas, but can be converted to propane with a simple adapter, making it flexible enough to be used in any home.

Williamson FS-120 Features

Higher Efficiency, Lower Costs With an AFUE efficiency rating above 92%, the Freestyle boiler is one of the most efficient on the market. Along with its ASME rated heat exchanger and modulating burner, the Freestyle will not only keep your energy costs down, but help reduce your carbon footprint as well. Factory Tested All Freestyle boilers come factory tested and certified by top industry analysts ensuring they will remain reliable and efficient for years to come. Unmatched Flexibility Each Freestyle comes with its own wall mounting kit. Combined with the boiler's compact design and multiple venting options, the Freestyle boiler can fit into nearly any residential space.
Product Specs
  • Model

  • AFUE %

  • Indoor / Outdoor

  • Max Input Capacity
    120,000 BTU

  • Minimum Input Capacity
    12,000 BTU

  • Gas connection

  • Vent Material

  • Venting Type
    Direct Vent

  • Heat Exchanger Material

  • Boiler Water Content - Gallons

  • Height

  • Width

  • Depth

  • Gas Input (Domestic Hot Water)

  • Gas Input (Space Heating)

  • Intake Vent Size

  • Warranty
    10 Years Heat Exchanger, 2 Years Parts