Have an Aging R22 System? Never Fear, Younits.com is Here!

Have an Aging R22 System? Never Fear, Younits.com is Here!

Have an Aging R22 System? Never Fear, Younits.com is Here!

R22 units have been impossible to find for some time now. You may or may not know that old stock R22 was around for awhile (for high prices, of course) and ever since they’ve dried up, people with an AC that goes bad are often times stuck purchasing an ENTIRE new system to work with R410a, the new refrigerant in town.

The reason for this is that R410a components are not compatible with R22 components. We’ve even had businesses that had to seriously consider if they needed to replace all of their AC units and then all of their indoor air handlers because of the non-compatibility - how quickly a $10,000 job can turn into a $17-20,000 job.

My old R22 AC went out, am I doomed?

Well, a few months ago you may have been.. Or at least your wallet was going to hurt a little, but we just got our hands on some Guardian 407C units that might just make you sigh in relief.

The Guardian 407C Units

So the refrigerant 407C is this nifty refrigerant that is compatible with R22! This means no more replacing your house/business/rental with a top-to-bottom new system, just replace the broken or aging AC instead!

Guardian is offering AC’s with capacities of 1.5 through 5.0 tons and provide another cost-effective option to homeowners or rental properties instead of forcing the use of an incompatible R410A retrofit, a short-lived compressor/condenser coil replacement, or the complete replacement of the entire system. They have tested an logged  over 1,100 AHRI-rated complete system matches with performance as high as 14.0 SEER and their R407C models utilize reliable Copeland scroll compressors.

Have Questions? Here are Some FAQ’s About  the Guardian R407C, R22 Compatible Condensers


Q: Why would I consider this unit instead of a full system


A: A full system replacement is often costly and sometimes

unnecessary. Instead of requiring a larger investment, GAW

units allow you to replace individual units in your system –

saving time and money.

Q: What if my system is very old? Will it still work?

A: It depends on a number of factors. GAW air conditioners

work with over 1,100 AHRI-certified systems, with up to 14 SEER

efficiency. Your local heating and cooling technician can help

you determine if a GAW unit will work with your system.

Q: Are these units just for single-family homes?

A: GAW units are certainly a good choice for single-family

homes, but are also great choices for multi-family buildings, as

they can be installed without full system replacement.

Let us just say that being able to acquire and supply these units is a real treat for us here at Younits.com. No one likes telling a customer that the $1,300 new AC for their home is going to force them to replace other major HVAC components to be compatible. This way, we can offer a reliable and effective solution for every single one of our customers.

We’re looking out for you.