Is it Time for a Mini Split System?

Is it Time for a Mini Split System?

We’ve been telling customers the benefits of  mini split systems for a long time now. These compact, completely ductless heating and cooling systems take the best aspects of large forced air systems and compress them into a smaller, easier to install package. There are a number of benefits unique to mini splits as well, so let’s explore a few!

High Efficiency = Savings for You

The higher the SEER number, the more efficient; and mini splits can reach astoundingly high levels of efficiency. Combining the low-energy design of the compressor with insulated line sets and efficient indoor units allows some systems to reach a SEER rating as high as 30. To put this into perspective, Goodman’s popular high efficiency central split system has a SEER rating of 18. A mini split can help reduce your energy bills by an amount higher than you might expect!

Powerful Heating, Even when the temps get LOW

Mitsubishi Hyper Heating

A well-known problem with heating and cooling systems that utilize an outdoor compressor is that after outdoor temperatures fall below a certain level, the heating functionality of the compressor is compromised and heat must be obtained from an alternative source. “Low ambient” systems, a unique category of mini split condenser units designed specifically to function in low outdoor temperatures, allow the system to be used year-round in many climates in which a normal system might not be adequate.

Get the Exact Size You Need 

Mitsubishi Mini Split System

Mini splits range in size from small enough to heat a small bedroom to large enough to heat an entire medium-sized house. Small single zone systems are perfect for distant bedrooms or single room home extensions, allowing you to keep your entire home heated or cooled for a fraction of the cost of upgrading your furnace or air conditioner. The larger systems take advantage of line set insulation and multiple powerful indoor units to spread a large amount of heat over a wide area. We are positive that a size exists that is perfect for any application you need.

Pick and Choose Your Indoor Unit Options

Wall mounted indoor units are perfect for wide rooms, allowing conditioned air to be spread over a wide lateral area. Recessed ceiling units conceal their heat exchanging parts inside of your ceiling, removing an otherwise obtrusive part of the indoor unit from view. Even concealed duct units are offered, completely concealing themselves within a wall and providing an air outlet through a small run of ductwork. No matter your situation, an indoor unit exists that fits your expectations.

Ditch the Ducts!

No duct work!

Ductwork maintenance is one of the most irritating and time consuming parts of maintaining a traditional forced air heating and cooling system. Periodic cleaning combined with leak repairs that often require feats of acrobatics make ductwork a headache. Mini splits remove ductwork from the equation entirely, instead placing the air handler directly in the space you want to condition. The result is an entirely ductless HVAC system for your home that requires far less maintenance than traditional forced air systems.